Careware Systems is a.e HRDF Approved Centre for SBL Scheme (Serial No 2059)

All Public and Corporate Training Workshops/ consultancy Implementation conducted by Careware Systems Sdn Bhd  are eligible for HRDF claims under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) Scheme, subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers.

Sage 300 ERP Training Center

Education is critical for initial transfer of knowledge about software functionality and work process flow. The education process creates an overall understanding of what the system can do for your company.

Putting Knowledge In Your Hands

Training is a critical part of every computerization system. Whether you are new to the software, or need to fill some knowledge gaps, the right training will allow you to fully understand and utilize available software features.

As a complete solutions provider, one of Careware’s goals is to impart as much knowledge to our clients as possible. The more that user knows about a product, the greater the value it can provide them.

With that philosophy in mind, Careware works to provide you with some of the finest Sage 300 ERP (formerly ACCPAC) training available. We have a fully equipped training center for our clients; this is only fitting, since our trainers are some of the best in their field.

The People

All too often, software training is provided by someone sorely lacking in experience.

At Careware however, we take training as seriously as every other aspect of our business. Because of this every one of our classes is conducted by Certified Qualified Installers. These experienced consultants have the highest level of certification offered by Sage 300 ERP and scores of implementations and industry’s experience under their belts.

You can be assured that – no matter which class you come for – you’ll have an expert showing you the ropes.

The Place

While we can provide onsite training, we feel that there are distinct advantages to training at our center. For one, it allows you to focus on the class, with no distractions.

In addition, Careware Training Center is a comfortable and well equipped facility that provides clients with the latest technology. We are using the latest in information technology in our centers. Customized courses are also available on request.

Spend a day working with us, using student workbooks. Very few businesses actually use their software correctly. We can help you use all of your software features appropriately, lightening the labor load, and ultimately saving you money. Contact us for details. Sample course descriptions can be viewed below.

Course Offering

Dates Class Description
TBA System Mgr General Ledger & Beginning Financial Reporter System Manager Training includes security, customizing your ACCPAC desktop, import/export, bank reconciliation module and Tax Services module. General Ledger training will include setup options for chart of accounts, departments, divisions and subsidiaries. We will teach you how to create and update different budgets for different purposes. Journal entry processing will be included. We will cover beginning level financial statement design using Microsoft Excel
TBA Advanced Financial Reporting This class is designed for individuals that already have some familiarity with the financial report designer using Microsoft Excel®. We will create gross profit reports by segment and show how to build a graph into the report. We will show how to filter accounts and segments in columns A through D and how to define criteria in the FR Paste function (formula wizard) for limiting the printed output. We will show how to design presentation quality statements for external reporting, and more detailed management reports for internal reporting.
TBA Designing Custom Reports With Crystal Reports This is a beginning to intermediate level class designed for individuals with some familiarity with the ACCPAC program modules. We will focus exclusively on creating reports based on the Sage 300 ERP for Windows database tables, particularly from Accounts Receivable, Order Entry and Inventory. We will also show how to modify check forms in Accounts Payable and invoice forms in Order Entry.
TBA Accounts Receivable (4hrs) & Accounts Payable We will cover setup options, transaction processing, payment processing, customer/vendor statistics and management reports. We will review the date sensitivity issues at month-end to avoid difficult reconciliations between the GL and aging. Integration with other Sage 300 ERP programs will be reviewed.
TBA Order Entry & Inventory Control The class will enter inventory setup options, including costing methods, locations, categories, bills of material, EOQ, and commission tracking. We will enter sample inventory items and non-stock items, such as services. We will print samples of inventory and sales management reports. We will create quotes, orders, invoices and credit memos in the order entry module. We will also review integration options with the Purchase Order module.
TBA Purchase Orders We will first review integration options with the Inventory, Order Entry and Accounts Payable modules. This integration is key to achieving productivity gains by entering data once and updating all modules. The class will then enter purchase order setup options. We will enter transactions through the entire process, including requisitions, purchase orders, receipts, AP invoices, returns and credit/debit notes. We will conclude by printing samples of purchasing reports.
TBA Year End Procedures The class will cover year end procedures for all Sage 300 ERP Advantage Series core modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Order. Closing procedures are different from Sage 300 ERP Plus for DOS, particularly for the General Ledger. Plan ahead so you do not have to spend all of your holidays at the office!

 Course Offering

  • Trainers with 15+ years experiences in Sage 300 ERP.
  • Trained by certified Sage 300 ERP Consultant.
  • Small class size…more focus, quality attention.
  • Training Workbook which are yours to keep as a resource book.
  • Modern classroom facilities with projector.

Don’t just be trained. Be well trained!

  • Our training centers are well equipped
  • Customized courses are also available on request
  • Training may be conducted “off-site” at our customer’s premises or selected center.