Sage X3 ERP


Sage X3 is ideal for the mid to large sized companies- which require high end functionality without the cost and complexity that is inherent in tier 1 ERP. Its web-natives technology evolved beyond the traditional ERP boundaries with seamless online and on mobile devices. Sage X3 turns your business into a more responsive organization, locally and globally.

  • Easy-to-use mobile/tablet responsive software
  • Multiple legislations, languages ​​and currency support
  • Multi-company, multi-site support with
    inter-company processes
  • Graphical representation of business processes and workflow functionality

Ready to manage your entire business from financials to supply chain and production management.



Sage X3 runs your business faster than ever before, with a cohesive, enterprise-class solution to manage all of your core business processes – from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, sales, customer service and financials – locally and internationally. It also accelerates collaboration and reporting and delivers real-time insight into all costs and operational performance.


Sage X3 is easy to use in a familiar Web browser and on mobile devices, giving you the freedom to work where you need. It is also simple to manage, and highly configurable to adapt to your unique processes, role, and preferences. Sage X3 is a versatile solution – use it as a service in the cloud and reduce demand on your in-house team to maintain the system, or deploy the solution on the infrastructure of your choice.


Sage X3 is ready for your industry. Built-in functionality for process manufacturing, manufacturing, distribution and services tasks, adjusts to accommodate your company’s unique rules and processes. It’s also easily scalable – so you’ll never run out of capacity again – and quickly adapts to your changing needs, growing with your business as you expand to new markets or geographies, and making it simple to manage a global business.

What's the difference between traditional ERP and Sage ERP business management solutions?

Traditional ERP

Enterprise resource planning is comprehensive, end-to-end, integrated software that claims to “do it all.” Unfortunately, traditional ERP systems  are usually legacy systems that are complex, inflexible, not scalable, expensive, and not easy to use.

Sage ERP & Business Management Solution

Sage ERP business management solutions do it all, but are flexible, customizable, scalable, affordable, and easy to implement. They can even be mobile, enabling you to work anytime, anywhere; giving you complete control of your business.

Welcome to the cloud

Gain the freedom to access your business info anywhere, anytime, while using your favorite device. We support you, no matter where you are on your cloud journey. Sage provides the following:

Hybrid cloud keeps your software on-site while leveraging mobile access to business data and cloud-enabled business functions.

Private cloud has the benefits of SaaS and hosted solutions, but just for your company.

SaaS (software as a service) or hosted solutions ensures your company’s data security and reduces the hassle of upgrades.

Personalized Web and mobile user experience

Sage X3 introduces a better, more personal user experience with secure web and mobile technology at its core. Whether that’s at the office or on the go, users can access the data they need, in an intuitive interface, personalized to their role and preferences.

Mobile and Web Deployment

The Sage X3 interface is designed to be easy to use on Android and iOS mobile devices.

• Mobile and web deployment enables access to common enterprise data from anywhere and on any device.

• HTML5 interface ensures intuitive browser experience and allows for extensive personalization by users.

Flexible and easily scalable to support your entire business

Sage X3 offers powerful functionality that can be configured to meet your unique way of doing business. Its flexible data model supports complex organizational deployment and reporting structures, simplifying management across multiple facilities, companies or business units, regions and countries from a common installed instance of the solution.

Search Invnetory from Multiple Location

Search inventory from multiple locations, even from a mobile device.

  • Optimizes inventory across multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Scalable multi-tier architecture ensures virtually unlimited capacity.
  • Simple to manage with limited IT, in the cloud or deployed on the infrastructure of your choice.

Ready to manage all your financials and operations

Sage X3 offers rich functionality to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.

Accelerate Business Process Mgnt

Accelerate business processes management with robust analytics and web apps.

  • Integrated management across purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, customer service, accounting and finance.
  • One solution with powerful workflow automation to accelerate business processes and better control performance across all areas of the business.
  • Built-in analytics for deeper insight into operations— accelerating reporting, communications and decision making.

Ready to grow a global business

Everything from Every Location

See everything from every location in one single interface.

Sage X3 eliminates the complexity of managing an international business. It simplifies the management of international trade—suppliers, contractors, partners and customers (multi-language, multi-currency)—and can manage a global business from one common installed instance (global compliance, multi-legislation, multiledger).

Ready for your industry

Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on add-on software integrations to support industry specific processes, Sage X3 includes functionality that’s ready to use in most distribution and manufacturing industries. It also uses flexible web service technology that enables easy access of complementary solutions when necessary.



Expand your market and control your costs

  • Improve visibility across your supply chain, optimizing purchase conditions and margins, and enabling a mobile sales force.
  • Retail Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Wholesale Trade



Consistently deliver high quality goods

  • Get accurate costing and pricing, real-time control over production planning and adapt quickly to new regulations.
  • High-Tech Industrial Equipment, Medical Devices, Metal Fabrication


Achieve process and product consistency

  • Effectively manage the fluctuation of procurement, production and shipping while staying on top of compliance requirements.
  • Chemicals, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals


Keep your customers satisfied and returning

  • Get accurate project management, real-time insights on mobile devices and streamlined accounting.
  • Advertising, Consulting Services, Engineering Services, Equipment Rental, IT/Software Services, Maintenance and Repair Services

ERP Solutions

  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Equipment
  • High-Tech
  • Medical Devices

  • Wholesale Trade
  • International Trade

  • Advertising
  • Consulting Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • IT & Software
  • Maintenance & Repairs

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