Pay Module

Pay module is the heart of EPE’s payroll processing capabilities. It empowers your to manage payroll completely- from data gathering, to payroll and tax calculations, right down to submissions.

It covers four types of payment, namely Normal Pay, Bonus Pay, Other Play and Advance Pay. The Pay Module is the focal point of EPE’s payroll processing capabilities.

EPE Pay manages all three (3) phases of the payroll process; data gathering, payroll and tax calculations and submissions.

It tracks and manages each employee’s pay, while computing bonuses and incentives based on user defined criteria and formulas.

The Payroll Module covers four (4) types of payment, namely Normal Pay, Bonus Pay, Other Pay and Advance Pay and with each type of payment, you can process up to four (4) times a month.

  • Unlimited Over Time (OT) tables and rates can be defined, covering hourly over time rates, daily overtime rates and fixed overtime rates. No Pay Leave or Lateness can be deducted from the payroll with data input from the Leave or Time Management System.
  • Reflects local payroll payable taxes.
  • Summary at a glance on employees’ Gross Wages, Total Allowances, Total Deduction, Total Reimbursement, Statutory Deduction and Net Wage.
  • Pay Elements can be automatically linked to a group of employees or individual employees through the Automation Setup. Recurring Pay Elements can also be defined with a full / recur amount with a start and end date.

Reports Available in Pay Module

√ Employee Reports

√ Setup Reports

√ Pay Record Reports

√ Government Form

√ Analysis Reports

√ Bonus Processing Report

√ Payroll Summary Report

√ Bank / Cash Listing Report

√ Payroll Variance Report

√ Payroll Analysis Report

√ Advance Pay Processing Report

√ Statistics Report