Leave Module

EPE Leave Module takes care of all your employee’s leave matters, so you can enjoy your own leave in peace. Fully integrated with Easy Pay Enterprise, all leave applications will be calculated and automatically processed stand alone or together with your payroll processing.Leave Module provides all the standard templates, leave types, calendars and reports commonly used by companies of all sizes as well as government bodies.

It does not stop there, the system has the full flexibility to let you create your own calendars, policies and leave types as you go along. Should you need a different reporting format which is not normal, you can make use of our Export Designer Module – a custom report writer that lets you define your own reports.

With EPE Leave Module, you can create any leave schemes or policies required, and assign different groups of employees to respective policies depending on  criteria’s such as seniority, department, position, and so on.


  • Leave entitlement by anniversary and calendar
  • Leave type colour indicator
  • Leave accrual / costing basis
  • Various allocation basis
  • Cross month / year application
  • Policies for different groups of employees
  • Leave suspend / forfeit function
  • Global application

Setup Features

  • Allows different leave policy with unlimited leave types assigned to individual / group of employees.
  • Able to allocate leave entitlement with cost formula.
  • Ideal for companies with different work time profiles and shift team setup.
  • Flexible leave distribution / allocation can be based on Anniversary (Hire Date /Confirmation Date) or Calendar Method (Calendar Year / Fiscal Year).

Reports Available in Leave Module

  • Leave Details Taken Report
  • Leave Entitlement Report
  • Leave Costing Report
  • Leave Provision Report
  • Leave Setup Listings
  • Leave Type Listing
  • Leave Application Setup Listing
  • Leave Policy Setup Listing