Human Resource Solutions

Our HR Solutions feature a range of modules which allows human resource executives to effectively manage each employee’s needs, growth and contribution within the organization.

Module Available:

  • Medical
  • Training (add-ons include skills and bond management)
  • Appraisal
  • Items Issued
  • Project Management
  • Recruitment
  • Award / Discipline
  • Job History / Job Responsibility
  • Exit Interview
  • Competency Management
  • Test Evaluation


Medical Module

Medical Claim:

The Medical Claim function manages administration of medical benefits for various

types of entitlements based on employee groups and levels.

Medical Examination:

The Medical Examination function manages information regarding each employee’s

medical examination. The examination results can be stored in this module and

examination fees, if reimbursable, can be linked to the Medical Claim function for


Medical History:

The Medical History function manages information regarding each employee’s current

or previous medical condition, major illnesses and treatments. Multiple medical history

records for each employee can be created and each medical history record may contain

various forms of attachments and medical reports.

  1. HR defined Medical Claim policies – policies can be set for different categories or groups of employees.
  2. Limits can be set for each claim’s transaction and user-defined claim period cycle.
  3. Display claim amount balance for individual.
  4. Monitors capping limits and displays balance information for individual staff record.
  5. Tracks historical claim records.