Core Module

The Core Module manages the personal information of each employee including addresses, contact numbers, family members, employment status and bank information. The Core Module provides structure, navigation, data entry / import, retrieval and update for all information regarding personnel, company and pay elements. It is the HR & Payroll data repository manager where all static information regarding personnel, pay element and corporate data is stored.

  • Save time by importing employee data directly from Excel with Import Designer.
  • Customize your own Flexible Query.
  • Sets two (2) types of calendar for each employee i.e one for work and one for leave.
  • Residence status and age will be linked to CPF contribution automatically (only applicable in Singapore).
  • Keeps records of your employees, job applicants, casual workers, contract workers and instructors.
  • Grid-like view of all employee information at a glance. Data can also be copied and transferred into Excel.


Reports Available in Core Module

√ Company Report

√ Personnel Report

√ Employment Report

√ Personnel and Employment Report

√ Basic Rate Progression Report

√ Contract Progression Report

√ Career Progression Report

√ New Join Report

√ Confirmation Report

√ Cessation Report

√ Retirement Report

√ Birthday Report

√ Education Report

√ Family / Other Contacts Report

√ Staff Movement Report