Sage EasyPay

Sage EasyPay is a leading payroll and human resource management software trusted by over 18,000 businesses ranging from SMEs to MNCs in the region. As global and local business landscapes are constantly changing, HR practitioners today demand a system that is not just reliable and efficient, but also configurable, intuitive to use and able to handle ad-hoc and unexpected cases. Our product does just that.

Sage EasyPay is focused on mid-size companies and multi-national companies. It is designed to empower your workforce to succeed by optimizing HR processes in real-time via employee self-service modules and accommodating to various payroll requirements. Built on a set of best-in-class human resources practices and functionality, it is aligned to increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower the costs of ownership.

Why Sage EasyPay?

Sage EasyPay is a well trusted and proven business solution used by over 10,000 HR managers and financial department heads across Asia.  It is proven to be reliable and have exceptional Modular development. Sage EasyPay adopts the latest technology and best practices to assist our users to achieve the best results. The flexibility and scalability of the software grants users unlimited setup options, adopting the principles of tailoring rather than customization their own businesses.
User friendly – intelligent Grid, easily exporting features and customers can design their own reports.

Sage Easy Pay Module

Sage EasyPay is a module-based system that empowers HR professionals to pick the exact solutions that befit your business requirements, including payroll, leave and claims, project costing and employee self-service. As the business expands, you can easily add more modules to the system. The Sage EasyPay Suite comprises of multiple modules. They are compatible with external solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Time Management System.


Core Module

Manages the personal information of each employee including addresses, contact numbers, family members, employment status and bank information.

Pay Module

Empowers your to manage payroll completely- from data gathering, to payroll and tax calculations, right down to submissions.

Cost Centre Module

Gives companies better visibility of the distribution of labour costs.

Leave Module

Takes care of all your employee’s leave matters, so you can enjoy your own leave in peace.

HR Module

Feature a range of modules which allows human resource executives to effectively manage each employee’s needs, growth and contribution within the organization.

Employee Self-Service Module

Allows employee applying leave, claim anytime, anywhere.

Sage Easy Time Attendance System

Manage employee working hours (OT/allowances). Integration with Sage EasyPay leave module to update absent record.