Process Manufacturing

Sage 300 ERP has been successfully used for process manufacturers worldwide If a product is formula or recipe-based. Sage 300 ERP could dramatically improve operating effectiveness and efficiencies. We may not offer it right out of the box, but it is very adaptable to a wide range of industries, and for a small and mid-sized process manufacturing companies Sage 300 ERP manufacturing suites may be a better fit financially as well as ease-of-use. Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3

Key Benefits

Powerful Yet Easy to Use
Although Sage 300 ERP is designed specifically for discrete manufacturing and distributions companies. It is very adaptable for Chemical, pharmaceutical and biosciences and we have some good and satisfied customers who use it worldwide. Its helps to automate batch process manufacturing environments, Sage 300 ERP solution combines fully integrated process manufacturing, production planning and financial management capabilities. Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3

By implementing this solution, you will be equipped with the software you need to coordinate your entire manufacturing operation, including: Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3 Sage X3

  • Lot Traceability
  • Infinite locations for QA steps
  • Routing details
  • Multi levels of sub-assembly
  • Bin tracking
  • Formula can be looked at as a recipe. (i.e. x gallons of this, y oz of that.)
  • Expire or spoil date tracking
  • Return Merchandised Authorization
  • Integrated Sales order Processing
  • Bar Coding Solution

Whether you manufacture chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food, this powerful solution equips the process manufacturing industries with features required to improve operations, streamline workflow, and build profits. Choose the solution that many businesses have used to overcome the same obstacles you’re facing today – Sage 300 ERP Manufacturing Solutions.

Process Manufacturing

Careware Domain Experiences

To learn all about Sage 300 ERP Manufacturing Solution for Process contact CAREWARE Manufacturing Account Manager today by calling (03) 2714 3855 or by emailing There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.