Funds Availability

Funds Availability adds real-time budget checking and budget override functions to Purchasing Workflow, these extensions provide the sophisticated tools to organisations where budgetary management is a critical element of the procurement process.

Funds Availability extends the Purchasing Workflow module to provide organisations with greater sophistication in managing the procurement process within strict budgetary controls.

Funds Availability operates in both the GL & PJC context.

Budget Management

To enable managers to make informed approval decisions, Funds Availability includes a powerful User Interface that provides a view of funds availability at a cost centre level.

The Funds Availability interface allows drill down to source documents that comprise the actual values, as well as to documents traversing Sage 300 ERP that are not yet in the GL actuals.

This interface also provides management with an important facility to review budget consumption throughout a period before budgetary limits are reached or exceeded.

Funds Availability Transfers

Managers of Cost Centres have the ability to create Funds Availability Transfers, auditable transactions outside GL budgets that reallocate budget values between GL accounts and periods.

Funds Availability Transfers assist where extraordinary transactions require operational budget reallocations. The workflow engine take into account transfer values – as a result budget exceptions are determined from the adjusted budget values.

Extended Workflow Features

Funds Availability adds new logical workflow rules to the Workflow Engine:

Check GL Funds Availability

Check Cost Centre Funds Availability

Check PJC Contract Value or Quantity

Check PJC Project Value or Quantity

Check PJC Category Value or Quantity

The funds availability tests are calculated by deducting the actual values, commitments and other unapproved document values from the budget value (which includes any budget transfers).

The test for GL funds availability will resolve and check each GL account present in the requisition document.

Evaluating Funds Availability at the Cost Centre level totals all GL accounts that belong to the Cost Centre; this allows budgetary flexibility for individual accounts as the cost centre as a whole is tested.

Based on the results of funds availability comparisons, approvals & notifications can be issued to managers with budgetary responsibility for a cost centre.

Authorisation Levels

Funds Availability provides the additional structures to Purchasing Workflow authorisation levels, providing budget overrun value limits that each authorisation level is capable of approving.

Based on the configuration of the workflow authority levels, the workflow engine will escalate the source document to the appropriate person with budget override authority.

Only once this override approval is granted can the source document continue to proceed through the workflow.

Availability & System Requirements

Sage 300 ERP: Standard, Advance & Premium Editions
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle & Pervasive
Web Deployable: Yes

Required Modules

General Ledger

Purchase Orders

Purchasing Workflow (by PTS)

Integrated Modules (optional)

Project & Job Costing

Internal Issues (by PTS)


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