Document Workflow

Workflow Documents allows organisations with complex or technical approval demands to attach files to the requisition document. Rapid access to all relevant information enables streamlined workflow processes and process improvements.

Purchasing Workflow now has an enhanced ability to provide a single streamlined approval and auditing system with the release of Workflow Documents.

Designed to meet the needs of organisations with a more technical approval process, documents can be attached to the requisition for review prior to approval in the process.

Total Sage 300 ERP Integration

Totally seamless with the Sage 300 ERP standard User Interfaces, Workflow Documents is simple to use and provides rapid operational efficiencies.

Attachments are stored in the Sage 300 ERP database and can be instantly accessed or optionally distributed using the Workflow email engine.


Document Embedding

An important technical aspect to Workflow Documents is that the source files are “Embedded” into the Sage 300 ERP database rather than “Linked”.

Document embedding means that the physical document is stored in the Sage 300 ERP database along with the requisition document details. This allows for simple but comprehensive management of the attachment files.

Document Embedding provides a sound solution that overcomes many technical issues:

Drive mapping and/or security constraints

VPN requirements

Source document deletion, modification or manipulation

Users who are involved in an organisation’s approval process but who may operate off site can have documents attached with notification emails. A user can open a document directly from the requisition form.

Availability & System Requirements

Sage 300 ERP: Stanadrd, Advance and Premium Edition.
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle & Pervasive
Web Deployable: Yes

Required Modules

Purchasing Workflow or Payables Workflow

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