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What is Sage Intelligence?

Sage Business Intelligence is an exciting new product within the Sage 300 ERP Suite that empowers managers to quickly and easily obtain the information they need from their Sage 300 ERP Solution for improved operations and strategic planning. Based on the familiar Microsoft Excel application, Sage Business intelligence lets managers effortlessly create reports and analyze data. Managers can spend more time focusing on information analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together.

Sage Business Intelligence

Sage 300 ERP Business Intelligence

Sage Business Intelligence - Simplify

Turn 3 days reporting into 3 clicks of reporting with Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting

Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting empowers your organization to quickly and easily obtain the information needed to improve operations and reporting across your extended enterprise.

With the familiar look of Microsoft Excel, create real time automated and accurate reports that are not just pretty to look at but actually provide meaningful and actionable information.

ERP systems produces significant amounts of data which can, if interrogated correctly, provide valuable insights to a company’s CEO, Sales Director or Marketing Director. Sage Intelligence Reporting for Sage 300 ERP makes this technology available for all business decision makers.

Immediate ROI, the software delivers automated and pre-formatted management packs and other decision-support reports on demand in Microsoft Excel directly from your accounting and/or operational application.

Experience enhanced productivity, performance and presentation with automated monthly management packs. Sage Intelligence will minimize manual, repetitive work done in Microsoft Excel and ensure your reports have only a single version of the truth.

The Drill Down capabilities allows detailed transactions to be accessed with the click of a mouse. Driving a business to success is easier when the organization’s vitals are readily available in a dashboard style view various modules present the following benefits to organizations.

Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting includes:

  • Report Manager
  • Report Viewer
  • Report Designer
  • Connector Module
  • Analysis Module

Top 5 Benefits of Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting

    1. Actively respond to trends with a sophisticated customizable dashboard
    2. Empower staff with meaningful information at their fingertips
    3. Range of in depth reporting for financial, operational, customer and vendor
    4. Improve workflow and speed up business processes
    5. Re-allocate staff by enabling them to work smart and not have to perform counterproductive and tedious reporting tasks