Pharmaceutical & Chemicals

Sage 300 ERP for Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with an extreme version of many of the standard challenges facing process manufacturers. Typically, the pharmaceutical manufacturing process—whether it be based on traditional chemistry-based or on new biotech processes—is characterized by a high number of process steps and much longer cycle times than exist in other industries. Add a high rate of manufacturing process innovation, and you have a significantly more complex planning and scheduling environment.

Industries verticals such as drugs and biotechnology, chemicals, cosmetics, paints, adhesives, crop protection, food and beverage Production/Distribution must all reduce operational costs and improve customer service and order fulfillment performance.

Providing Solutions to Meet Your Business Challenges

The challenges of the pharmaceutical and verticals industries are many depending on whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer. Each has its own challenges and concerns.

Sage 300 ERP and Distribution and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) solution minimizes duplicate entry, reconciliation and the need for integration projects. Sage ERP gives you a single point of access for all sales related data, manufacturing information, purchase records and quality documentation.

Careware has worked closely with its customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and allied products industries to identify and bolster the following specific areas that require extra care due to regulations governing these industries:

Quality control

Lot traceability

Recall Protection/Risk Mitigation

Supply Chain Traceability

Security and audit trails

Measurable Business Benefits:

Sage Integrated ERP for pharmaceutical and Chemical industries provides better decision making The clients benefits from the effectively functions with processes and procedures integrated at single point.

These features have been embedded into Sage’s solution, delivering industry-specific capabilities on top of Sage 300 ERP’s award-winning platform.