Sage 300 ERP for Higher Education

More and more Higher education institutions are making the smart move to Sage 300 Integrated Suite and Careware Systems Sdn Bhd.

Education is big business but it has many challenges that are unique from other businesses. The success of your educational organization is directly related to how efficiently you mange these challenges. Be it resource constraints, timely collections, integrated sales, operation with financial.

With so many demands, and so much riding on the bottom line, college administrators need powerful business solutions that will help them manage student and alumni information and financial data.

These systems need to be cost effective, easy to use, and able to integrate with existing infrastructure. Tracking budgets, managing human resources and payroll, and automating financial reporting are key considerations for improving the “business” aspects of education.

Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite

Sage 300 integrated Suite is the integrated business system that helps educational institutions stay competitive and achieve growth. With its integrated, adaptable management solutions that allow your people to manage finances, student and alumni relationships, and more. These solutions automate your processes, and make it easier to stay in control with immediate access to all key information.

Sage Extended Suite applications provide you with a 360 view of your business and you will be on top of the situation at all times. With its intuitive interface, easing adoption and reducing the risks inherent with implementing a new solution.

Do you share some of these same business concerns that our customers have had?

Here are some of the most common (and pressing) business concerns of educational institutions:

Being unable to track spending against a budget, poor financial visibility and control, no access to funding information.

Labor intensive tracking and reconciling of funds; frustration with duplicate data entry; needing multiple levels of data-reporting to consolidate key information.

Inability to generate real-time ad-hoc reports due to outdated information systems that don’t support online/real-time information.

Being unable to amortized fees, earnings across the semesters or months.

Being unable to track students inquiry and marketing effectiveness or ROI.

Being unable to consolidate across the groups of companies.

Having to do more with less – and dealing with the threat of, or loss of funding due to ineffective reporting and budget cuts.

Find out what leading education institutes customers already know

From fund accounting to grant management to encumbrance management and commitments, Sage 300 marks for improving financial performance.

With Sage 300 Integrated Suite for Education you’ll be able to:

Have real-time and online access to information, with the ability to generate detailed and summary financial reports and ad hoc queries at will.

Manage annual budgets and avoiding over-expenditures — with encumbrance management and purchasing approval workflow tools.

Manage annual budgets and avoiding over-expenditures — with encumbrance management and purchasing approval workflow tools.

Deploy Inter-company accounting tools to keep each fund balance separate.

Accelerate month- and year-end processes.

Monitor collection processes, including past due invoices and tuition payments.

Obtain better control and visibility of student and donor records to help deepen those relationships.

Reduce wasteful spending by effectively tracking expenditures and spending requests.

Implement targeted marketing campaigns to prospective students teachers, parents, alumni, community leaders, donors, and others.