Barcode Operation

For trading / wholesales / distribution companies, inventory transaction occurs in every business area. Starting from customer orders to purchase orders to goods shipments, each order consists of multiple stock in/out records. A simple and reliable inventory systems is needed to automate all these transactions.

Barcode Operation (B/O) module is an easy to use plug-in barcode system for small to medium-size trading companies.

Improve Accuracy of Shipping: Ship the right goods to the right customer? The first time, every time.

Enhance Productivity: Minimize inventory dollars? Maximize sales.

Increase Efficiency: Reduce manual data entry;

Increase Customer Service Satisfaction

Barcode Operation (B/O) is available as a complete package, or as an individual module, and can be easily customized to your specific needs It is the ideal solution in fir warehouse management.

Barcode P/O

By using Scanner to scan the inventory items and quantity with respective Purchase Order. Goods Receipt transaction will be updated to Sage 300 ERP automatically. It also applies for the goods return.

Barcode O/E

One new function, “Dispatch” will be added to the O/E screen, it allows users to “allocate” the stock for shipment. By using handheld scanner to pick the right inventory items and quantity against the Dispatch transaction. After posting, it will generate the delivery note/invoice automatically in Sage 300 ERP. The software also support sales return functions.

Barcode I/C

Barcode I/C supports the I/C Transfer and Physical Count transactions by Scanner. It supports multiple warehouse locations.

Security by Users ID, Handheld and Warehouse

Support Lot/Serialized Number

Require Sage 300 Serialized & Lot Tracking Module